Slaves to the Necromancer





Title: Slaves To The Necromancer

Label: Despise The Sun Records - DTSR 015

Format: LP

Country: Italy

Genre: Grind / Death Metal

Product description:

A hefty dose of old school grindcore á la Repulsion and such as well, making it a fine mixture with the Nihilist-reminiscent old school death metal. The chunky, almost thrashing at times, riffing along with the blasting (which remain within the sane old school tempo, not the modern day ‘whomever blast the fastest wins’ category) lays a powerful base, only to have the brutal vocals complete the recipe. And the vocals really push it up a notch, as the growls seem to resound in a cave. "The mournful march" throws a curve-ball as it spruces things up with some doom metal influences, also very old school. Musically Haemophagus might not be anything new; but it’s still bloody great!


1. La Garrota (Intro)
2. Slaves to the Necromancer
3. Remember to Dismember
4. The Mark of Madness
5. Sniffing the Cremated Rests
6. Dead Eater
7. Red Diabolical Eyes
8. Consecration
9. Traumatic Defecation of Pus
10. Goddess of Malice
11. Cataleptic Murders
12. Witches Doom
13. Sunrise Over Fields of Dust
14. Extirpating Life
15. Contamination
16. Rivers Run No More
17. Gotesque Laceration Of Mortified Fesh (General Surgery)

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released April 18, 2013



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