Necromantical Death Grind: the Early Years





Title: Necromantical Death Grind: the Early Years

Label: Despise The Sun Records - DTSR 024

Format: CD

Country: Italy

Genre: Death Metal

Product description:

Established in 2004, Palermo, Italy's Haemophagus have been spreading the death grind disease through two full-length albums plus multiple 7" and CD splits. "Necromantical Death Grind: the Early Years" features all the records they have released between 2004 and 2007. Packed with with abominable band pics, flyers, extensive liner notes and a front artwork drawn by artist Marco Failla, this repulsive piece of plastic shows Haemophagus' innards for all to smell and see. Out on Despise the Sun records exclusively.

Track listing:

from the 7" split W/SPIRAL:
01. Possessed With the Unknown
02. Back to the Mortuary
03. Swamos of Horror

from the 7" split W/AGATHOCLES:
04. Sacrifical Burial
05. What is Dead (Will Live Again)
06. Charcoaled Limbs
07. Black Breath (REPULSION cover)

from the CD split W/T.S.S.:
08. Liturgy of Devourment
09. Immersed in Infected Decay
10. Mummified Vagina
11. Carnivorous Nightmare
12. M-12 Carnage
13. Savage Human Butchery
14. Melting Intrstines
15. Microvascular Oozing from Incised Tissue

from the demo CD "INTO THE MORTUARY":
16. Intro
17. Waiting for your Funeral
18. Spinal Deviation
19. Into the Mortuary
20. Psychotic Strangulation
21. Osculum Obscenum (HYPOCRISY cover)

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released February 12, 2016



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